Services on IRCtoo - MemoServ

The aim of MemoServ is to pass brief notes/memos from a registered user to another registered user. To register, simply register your nick with NickServ. Memos are limited to around 255 characters and you can only send 3 memos to the same user.

/msg MemoServ SEND «nick» «memo»Send a memo to an user/msg MemoServ SEND Sterri This is my first memo!
/msg MemoServ LISTTo get a list of your memos./msg MemoServ LIST
/msg MemoServ READ «digit»To read a selected memo/msg MemoServ READ 1
/msg MemoServ DEL «digit»To delete a selected memo/msg MemoServ DEL 3
/msg MemoServ DEL ALLTo delete and purge ALL memos./msg MemoServ DEL ALL
/msg MemoServ HELPTo get help from MemoServ/msg MemoServ HELP

The IRC Guide Menu

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IRCtoo Rules and #Radio1 RulesThe rules of IRC on IRCtoo and also of #Radio1
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