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    • IRCtoo

      - an IRC network service.
    •  To join one of IRCtoo's servers, you will need to type in:

    • /server

      into the main channel window you are using.

    • Typing in the above command will gets you connected to a server choosen at random. After connecting, you might want check if the server is fast enough (known as"Lag"). To do this, type in:

    • /ping ChanServ

      into the main channel window you are using (some IRC software may not understand this command) . This will send a special message to your server and "bounces" back to you. The time taken for the ping to come back shows how repsonsive your server is. The ping time will be shown on the window, measured in seconds (s).

    • If it's over 10 seconds, I'd suggest trying to connect to another server -just type in the above server command again.


      Random Servers

      Server Geographic Location Global United States Canada Europe


    • After connecting to a server, you need to join a channel every time. Now, there are many on IRCtoo- I'm not going to even attempt to list a few. To join a channel, type in:

    •  /join #«channel_name»

      The «channel_name» is a parameter, for example , to join a channel called #Radio1, type: 

      /join #Radio1

    • There are more channel names, found by typing /list and this will gives you all the channels on IRCtoo. Alternatively, you can find out channels by typing: 

    • /whois «nickname»

      and it should tell you what channels that user is in (all channel names begins with a hash #). A @ or a + symbol indicates that user is an operator and voice respectively. For example, 

      /whois Sterri

      and part of the whois result would be:

      Channels: @#Radio1

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