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    • IRC Rules

      IRC on allows freedom of "speech" but there are common ground rules plus #Radio1's attitudes:

      Never flood an user or a channel - repetition of what you typed over and over again at high speed, continuous CTCP requests, long pastes and so on. This type of action can result in you being killed temporary in order to stop mass data passing through servers (Flooded off).
      The policy in #Radio1 is that we do NOT tolerate any kind of flooders We will kick without warning to those flooding excessively.

      Never nuke an user or a channel. Nuke is a coding script sent out deliberately by an user to his/her victims in an effort to crash the victim's computer, programs, or to lose connection. Nukes will result in an AKILL on and it is illegal in E.C. countries, the US and Australia.
      #Radio1 will not take any responsibility for any nuking to/from regulars in the channel, neither will we tolerate such nuking unless the receiver of a nuke permits it but we, again will not take responsibilty. Any nuking from the channel will results in an immediate kickban and an Admin will be notified.  Nuking is also illegal under the UK Computer Act.

      No Dumping/Pasting - Masses of unwanted information in a short time. Similar to flood but this time, usually useless information or long releams of text. Again, this results in a kill (Flooded off) since dumping/flooding causes Network hiccups such as splits since a server can't handle the excess traffic anymore or the people on that server cannot handle the data burst in a given time. 
      As long it is not advertising, offensive or irrelevant, we tolerate this to a certain degree, usually 3-4 lines. (Non repetitive)

      Never harass or threaten an user - this pretty much speaks for itself. Extreme cases will result in being removed from the network.
      We, in #Radio1 do not encourage such behaviour and any Ops will take appropriate actions should such cases arises and will be ultimately dealt by the Co-Founders

      No abusive behaviour - like swearing, bad mouthing, whinging, etc, about other people.  
      The policy in #Radio1 is however is more generous, and swearing or the like is "acceptable" as long it is not insulting to other users. You will be warned if you are being insultive.

      No illegal trading or activities on such as underage pornographic pictures, warezs (pirated games).
      #Radio1 is not nor it will be a venue for trading of such illegal materials and people will be warned of this. If any Operators find that people are trading as such, they will be warned and if they continue, a kickban. 

      Above rules are just a few common sense rules and abuse of this could result in a kill (temporary removal from the network).

      Many individual channels have their own rules and abuse of these rules usually results in a kick or ban or in extreme cases, AKICK, common ground rules for some channels are:

      • No swearing.
      • No clones. - Applies to #Radio1 unless it is permitted by an Admin
      • No flooding. (explained above) - Applies to #Radio1
      • No advertising. (telling users to join another channel)Applies to #Radio1
      • No dumping.
      • and NO NUKING - this is pretty much a "below the belt" thing. Applies to #Radio1 

      • Other channels may have no rules or some may have a list of rules as long as your arm including no sounds, colours, bold, underline texts.

        On IRC, not just in the group, everyone form an opinion of you by your words, use of language, behaviour and actions. So, "Think before you type" is a VERY wise advice - once people have form an opinion of you (and they will very quickly, whether you like it or not), it will be very difficult to change it; especially if you did something very offensive!

        • Any other actions which reduce the purpose/functionality of IRC could results in a k-line / akill if an IRCop sees fit.

        • For more information, try out a channel's official web site which usually have a list of rules (usually by typing a ChanServ Command and: 
          /msg ChanServ info «#channelname»
          /msg ChanServ info #Radio1 

          For general rules on the server you are using, type in:
          into your IRC window.

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