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    Introduction to IRC on

    People from all over the world "chat" on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in real time (well, almost). An user would type a message in and if he wish, certain groups of people will see it almost instantly. It is your alternative to long distance telephone calls since IRC is connected via your ISP, hence the low call charges. 

    Personally, I think IRC is in a class of its own since you can do almost anything on IRC - play music, send out your thoughts, go to sleep without being unpolite, send your artworks or text files to other people around the globe, and other things. Anyway, enough blabbling and let's take you through the basics. 

    If you are a fairly new user or a complete ido-newbie, start below, otherwise click on the appropriate links on the left side. 


    Okay, you will need a client - that is a piece of software which enables you to join the world of IRC. Click here to download one for your computer.  This software is for Windows PC only.  This is a software which we have modified the configuration to allow no-fuss connection.  For other software, click here.

    First of all, you need to enter your nickname(s) (I'd recommend putting a few more different ones as the first choice of yours might be taken up by someone). 

    Secondly, your real name - put whatever you like in there ;-) Right, now you need to type in a server in the server box, type this:

    into that box (alternatively, type: /server Then the port number, this is: 6667 and finally, the channel you wish to join into the AutoJoin box, put: #Radio1 into that box. 

    Now, that's the hard bit over, save the settings - on the AmIRC software, hold right button down and goto the "SETTINGS" menu at the top and find: Save as Defaults. Don't ask me about the PC versions, please refer to your IRC software's help documents for specific instructions and help.. 

    Time to drop into the world of IRC by clicking on the "Connect" button. 

    If you are lucky, you should be in a channel where people are talking - say "Hiya All" and you'll be greeted. If you are lucky enough to find me on IRtoo, I reside in #Radio1, (my nickname is usually Sterri or Stez) and you can ask me for any more help, or the people with a "@" (operator) symbol. 

  • However, some rules: 
    • Never announce you are a newbie.
    • Always read what other people has typed.
    • DON'T take everything at face value - the IRC is a haven for liars and weird people (take me or Robin for instance) as well as nice people like like, erm, I'll get back to you on that ;-)



      A more detailed list of rules is found here.

    If you are an OP and is looking for your #Radio1 OP advice, rules and information, please ask Sterri for the link.

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