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        • Operators

          Operators are users who controls a channel, a bit like policing it, to make sure people are complying to that channel's rules (if any). Please respect #Radio1's operators in the way you want them to respect you.

          Operators have the exclusive rights to kick or ban users from the channel, give voice, give operator status to an user, etc. 

          Operators have varying levels of power:
          Level 25
          This user is the founder of the channel and will always have an Operator status and he/she ranks the highest too, thus, overriding certain commands used by operators of lower ranks below. Furthermore, he/she can give someone OP, from Level 20 down, status too.

          DJ_RobinB, Comunion and EPSiLON are Level 25.

          Level 20
          Anyone who ranks at this level is a good, trustworthy friend of the Founder (and/or Co-Admin) and will have access to certain channel settings and override any other user except when the Founder is present. People at this rank are often long time, reliable users and friends of the Founder/Co-Admin.

          MadSci is Level 20.

          Level 10
          Super Operator (Level 10), have the ability to give users AOP (Level 5) status, able to override certain commands used by AOP (Level 5) operators in that channel.  And be able to set akicks.
          AOP/Level 5 Automatic Operator (Level 5). Users with this operator status automatically gets operator every time they enter that channel. These type of operators are the lowest ranking operators (though still represents the channel) and therefore only able to execute a set of limited and specific commands - eg, kicking or banning.
          OP Just an operator with the same powers as an AOP (Level 5) but does not receive operator's status every time he or she enters that channel nor can he/she access Chanserv commands.


          This is a common and very irritating question and the simple answer is: you don't.

          This is because you need to EARN your operator status by being a trustworthy, sensible and "aimable" member of the channel who contributes to the chatroom, and obviously this takes time and not always you become an operator through this way. In the case of #Radio1, the SOPs (Level 10) will decide who should be AOPed (Level 5) on a regular basis. Don't ask us for ops status, you will be refused and reduces your chance of an OP in the future. Recommendations to the SOPs (Level 10) for AOps (Level 5) comes from other operators in the channel and then we will observe that user for a short time before deciding to implement a trial AOP (Level 5) on that user.

          A trial AOP (Level 5) will help us decide what you are like as an AOP (Level 5) and ensure you are not powermad or threatening to start World War III. You will be given the information you needs when you are an AOP (Level 5).

          If you want it that bad, then set up your own channel and become an operator that way. Don't advertise your or ANY channels in #Radio1 without permission from the Co-Founders (Level 20) (Robin, Comunion, EPSiLON, Knox and Sterri).

          Finally, begging for an operator usually results in you being kicked out of the channel and this affect your reputation adversely in extreme cases. 


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