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The aim of Nickserv is to protect an user's nickname (or nick). In other words, if a nick is registered properly with NickServ, no one else can use that registered nick. If you are using a nickname that is registered by someone else, I'd advise you to change nicks immediately incase you loose you connection to IRCtoo (Ghosted) or sometimes be called Nickname_ (ie, with a dash). Remember, all passwords are case sensitive and if you forgot, or got it wrong, ask an IRCop with CSOPs authorisation.

NickServ Command

What it does

Usage Example

/msg NickServ REGISTER «password» «email»This registers the current nickname you are using/msg Nickserv REGISTER my_nice_long_password
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY «password»This identifies an user to the nickname and enables to user to get some memoserv information if any/msg NickServ IDENTIFY my_nice_long_password
/msg NickServ SET KILL ONPuts a 60-second timelimit for people to identify to NickServ before becomming a "Guest". Recommended./msg NickServ SET KILL ON
/msg NickServ ACCESS LISTLook at your list of access masks and if you have a suitable mask, you shouldn't need to identify to NickServ everytime/msg NickServ ACCESS LIST
/msg NickServ ACCESS ADD «ip mask»Add an IP address to your ACCESS list. Equally, DEL does the opposite/msg NickServ ACCESS ADD udderman@*
/msg NickServ GHOST «nick» «password»If someone is using your nick, you can get him off DALnet to use your nick again./msg NickServ GHOST DJ_RobinB my_nice_long_password
/msg NickServ HELPAsk for Help from NickServ./msg NickServ HELP

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