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      IRC Softwares (IRC Clients as otherwise known as. Most clients are restricted shareware demo versions, therefore, usual shareware privileges apply. All of them are from their support sites. 
      All IRC clients come with their own IRC guide specific for that client. 
      PC Clients  mIRC Most popular PC software for IRC
      vIRC Nice graphical IRC software

      If you have difficulty in using the software listed above (and below), please email us at for help and advice, we are experienced in PC, Apple MAC and Amiga softwares. 

      MAC Clients  IRCle Recommended by #Radio1's Mac Operators
      Amiga Clients  AmIRC Best IRC client yet, for Amiga computers only
      Grapevine Only if you like technical stuff
      BitchX (PC/OS 2/Linux/Mac) BitchX A bit technicial for new users

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